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School Governance

 The Function of the Governing Body

The governing body has 4 main responsibilities.
These are as follows:


  •          To ensure the catholicity of the school environment and curriculum. The foundation governors are responsible to the Bishop of Clifton for this.
  •            The governors together with the head teacher are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the school;                     
  •            The governors hold the head teacher to account;
  •            The governors ensure that effective systems are in place to ensure that the school performs within budget (financial accountability).


Governors have a supporting role, meeting once a term as a full governing body, but are often in school several times a term as members of sub-committees or simply to gauge the atmosphere of the school during a normal school day. We will focus on these aspects of the governors’ work in later issues.


Please see below additional statutory documents relating to the school's governance and Board of Trustees. 


Board of Trustees Attendance at Meetings 2019-20

Board of Trustees Attendance at Meetings 2018-19

Board of Trustees Committee Structure 2019-20

Board of Trustees Attendance at Meetings 2019-20