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Seesaw Home Learning parental consent letter

 Dear Parents and Carers

Many thanks for your patience and cooperation at the start of the new year. We are delighted to see how well the children have adapted.  Their attitude and behaviour have been excellent.


There are many changes for staff so please be polite.



I would like to welcome Ms Didymus who is teaching Year 2. 


We are delighted to announce the safe arrival of baby Brodie William Daniel Roy who is now just 6 weeks old.  Congratulations to Mrs Roy, her husband Dave and big brother Fraser.


A special welcome to our new Francis Class children.  They are in for mornings next week and already seem to be a confident happy group.


I am sorry that we cannot meet parents to have a chat-if you have a worry or require any support, please contact the office on ‘school@stpatricksbristol.org.uk’ or your child’s teacher on their class email. .


Pick-up and drop off

The organisation is complicated and requires a lot of staff. Please bear with us.


Keeping Bubbles secure is key and so we have to avoid cross-over of classes on corridors and stairs.


This is important as a local school has already had to close 2 class bubbles and this will be closed for 14 days.


Play your part-Keep the school Safe and open. Please check emails regularly as we have had lots of enquiries which have been answered in our FAQ sheets! You must also ensure that you parentpay account is up to date with your contact details, especially mobile and email addresses as we cannot access your account. You also need to advise us via email on ‘school@stpatricksbristol.org.uk’ of any changes so we can update our school system. Parentpay changes will not automatically update the school system.


Class webpages are being finalised and will be the best way to keep in touch with your child’s learning.

Class emails can be used for a direct communication with your child’s class teacher.

Year Reception: reception@stpatricksbristol.org.uk                Year 1 : year1@stpatricksbristol.org.uk

Year 2 : year2@stpatricksbrsitol.org.uk                                         Year 3 : year3@stpatricksbristol.org.uk

Year 4 : year4@stpatricksbristol.org.uk                                         Year 5 : year5@stpatricksbristol.org.uk

Year 6 : year6@stpatricksbristol.org.uk         Y     





Thank you for checking in with us before sending your child to school.  We know it’s tricky with winter colds.


If your child has been diagnosed with an allergy that causes a cough by a doctor, please inform us.

If your child’s cough is to do with asthma, please contact the office.


If your child has a :
Temperature: keep at home. Track and trace.

New Persistent cough: keep at home. Track and trace.

Loss of smell or taste: keep at home. Track and trace.


Upset stomach-with diarrhoea: 48 hour rule monitor for other COVID symptoms.


 If a child has symptoms of Coronavirus or has a test- then your child and everyone who lives in your household (siblings and adults) must stay at home until you get the result. If the test is positive this means that under Track and Test your household must all self isolate for 14 days.

If the test is negative then the child can return to school when well again and siblings can return. Please call the school if you are in this position. If a child or adult is sent home because their bubble has a confirmed positive case, then your household does not need to isolate unless the child or adult displays symptoms themselves. Then you must follow the guidance strictly.

The link to the NHS advice is here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronaviruscovid-19/symptoms/coronavirus-in-children/

If a child or adult has been sent home from a school or workplace because of a concern regarding Covid symptoms, we require all members of that household to self isolate until a test confirms the outcome. Please do not send in a child/sibling if there is any doubt over the health of another household member.


Weekend: My child has a new persistent cough-don’t send child in.

Track and Trace.


Weekday: My child has woken up with a cough-keep child at home and see if the cough stops.

Then send in. If persistent-keep child at home. Track and trace.


Music Lessons: Guitar lessons are resuming online for Term 1– please email hazel@hazelwinter.co.uk

Flute and Violin tutors are still being confirmed. Piano lessons will resume next week. If you are an existing tutee you will be able to continue lessons. Please email ‘bursar@stpatricksbristol.org.uk’ to register. If you wish to start Piano please email the same email address and state your child’s name, year group and previous experience if any. Piano is only offered from Year 3 to Year 6. There will be a waiting list if more applications are received than we have places.


Flu Vaccination Programme: All children in school are offered the chance to receive the Flu Vaccination in school. This helps GP surgeries as they do not have to offer sessions to schoolchildren. We have successfully participated in this programme along with many schools across Bristol and nationally. If you have any queries please email ‘school@stpatricksbristol.org.uk’ and we will do our best to answer you.

Admissions for academic year 2021-2022

Unfortunately we cannot welcome parents carers in for our usual school visits-we will be uploading information to the website shortly.

Yours sincerely

Michele Marshall – Headteacher B Ed Hons (NPQH)            

School uniform, bags and PE kits

We appreciate that shopping may have been difficult but on the whole all of our parents have sent their children back into school looking smart and ready for the new year. We have reviewed our Uniform Policy and we know that some parents may have financial difficulties following the Covid19 lockdown. If you are worried about any aspect of returning to school please email bursar@stpatricksbristol.org.uk and we will support you however we can.

We remind parents that children in KS1 must use a bookbag only. KS2 children may use a backpack but if it is too large for their peg or underdesk storage you may be asked not to use it.

Children are to wear their PE Kit in on their nominated day. Mon – Y1/Y2, Tues – Y3/Y4 & Thurs – Y5/Y6. If your child forgets, please do not worry they will do PE in their uniform. We cannot have PE Kits brought into school as children are not to change in school at present. PE Kit consists of a plain white t-shirt/sweatshirt, black shorts or plain tracksuit bottoms and a sensible pair of trainers. Please also ensure your child wears an outdoor coat everyday as all children will be exercising outside whenever possible and weather may change throughout the day.

September 2020 - Reopening Facts


I hope you all have a relaxing holiday and we are all looking forward to welcoming everyone back in September.




Newsletter 17.06.2020             

FAQ sheet 17.06.2020                                               

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